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15 Things That Are Pretty Much 100% British Caribbean Culture

"A lot of you never had a dettol bath and it shows"

1. Having a room in your house that you can’t go into, because it’s reserved for special occasions.

2. Using Vicks as the cure for absolutely any, and every ailment...

3. ...followed closely by drinking a hot cup of tea.

4. These exact fridge magnets.

5. Being disappointed that there's actually curry in the ice cream tub, even though you can't remember a time when it actually contained ice cream.

6. Having inspirational posters around your house.

7. And a random cabinet in your house full of really fancy china that no one ever uses.

8. Slightly pissed off food servers at the takeaway shop.

Jamaican food taste better when they take your order with an attitude.

9. Calling every single cereal, no matter what the name, Cornflakes.

10. Having various pieces of plastic covering your furniture and carpet.

11. Not replying to your parents with "yes mum" or "yes dad," and then being told you have an attitude.

12. Owning one of these bracelets.

13. Going through bottles and bottles of Dettol.

A lot of you never had a dettol bath and it shows

14. Arguing with other Caribbeans about whether it's chicken curry or curry chicken.

15. And finally, arguing with every African about the pronunciation of plantain.

When I accidentally say plantain instead of plan-tin😔

It rhymes with "fountain," and that's all I'll say on this.