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    18 British Tweets That Made Us Laugh Out Loud This Week

    "The only restriction in the UK now is the one way system in Tiger"

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    Twitter: @SamCeladon


    The only restriction in the UK now is the one way system in Tiger

    Twitter: @fairycakes


    every day that passes I can’t stop think about how accurate this is 😭

    Twitter: @katierpacker


    My mum won’t pick me up from the hen do because she’s got running at 7am. To that I say, don’t have kids if you can’t look after them x

    Twitter: @amyhart1707


    Scottish tour guide for St Andrews University doesn't give a fuck #craigthetourguide

    Twitter: @EleanorMorton


    Pringles: once you pop, you can’t stop also Pringles: for regulatory purposes, we consider a serving to be one-seventh of a tube

    Twitter: @henrymance


    utterly obsessed with queen Lizzie turning into Phil Mitchell here

    Twitter: @joeefoster


    Imagine thinking climate change isn't real but last week you were fighting sunburn and now you're swimming home from work?

    Twitter: @kwamiodoom


    Me returning back to the streets after another failed relationship

    Twitter: @KanivaOH


    Twitter: @WillDHislop


    BREAKING: Jason Derulo has fallen down the Marble Arch Mound

    Twitter: @panoparker


    After the news of #XFactor coming to its long-overdue end. It’s reminded me of my favourite moment from Konnie Huq who presented the Xtra Factor for a year and gave us this iconic moment

    Twitter: @RussellHayward


    I don’t want to alarm anybody but a massive sheep has just completely decimated South Wales.

    Twitter: @NoContextBrits


    The boys are on love island but the girls are on wife swap

    Twitter: @Lupes1_


    A man cancelled a first (1st) date he suggested to me as he’s not sure he can do distance dating - we both live in south east London. Post pandemic dating apps culture needs to be studied ANTHROPOLOGICALLY

    Twitter: @shonfaye


    All good bookshops should have this category...

    Twitter: @MASieghart


    if we’re being honest, Uni last year was worth £20 and a Strawberry Mirinda

    Twitter: @1brookz


    for centuries I’ve been dreading turning ‘28’ because it officially means I’m in the Overs category on X Factor & then the day it happens the franchise gets axed 🥰🥰🥰 there is a god & he loves his gay kids best xxx

    Twitter: @jackrooke

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