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    8 British Foods That The Rest Of The World Needs To Eat And 8 That Are Pretty Terrible

    If you haven't eaten sticky toffee pudding, you haven't lived.

    1. If you know anything about fine dining, Yorkshire puddings should be a staple in your diet.

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    A gravy-soaked yorkie is honestly one of the greatest duos in British cuisine.

    2. But pork pies should've been left in the Victorian era.

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    I mean, look at it. It's time we moved on.

    3. Bangers and mash is straight-up iconic.

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    Yes, I know the picture doesn't make it look the most appetising, but trust me, this is a flavour sensation.

    4. But I don't think anyone would object if we just got rid of mushy peas.

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    Peas aren't that great to start with. Mashing them up isn't an improvement.

    5. Sticky toffee pudding truly is the pride of Britain.

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    Life without this national sweetheart must be pretty empty.

    6. Christmas pudding gets way more limelight than it should.

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    A dessert that you have to set on fire is just overcompensating.

    7. You can't call yourself a food connoisseur if you haven't devoured a butter-drenched crumpet.

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    If you know, you know 🤤🤤

    8. Black pudding, on the other hand, is something we could, and should, get rid of.

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    1. It has no business calling itself a pudding 2. It's made of pigs' blood. I rest my case.

    9. The rest of the world is completely sleeping on chips 'n' gravy.

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    Except Canada, you guys know what's up. Should out to poutine.

    10. But I'm sorry to say that chips and curry sauce is a bit of an embarrassment.

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    Even us Brits know that curry isn't meant to be that colour.

    11. Every drunken night out needs to end with a good ole battered sausage.

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    When it comes to deep-fried food, the UK's living in 3019.

    12. But saveloys really need to be retired.

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    No sausage should be that red.

    13. Digestives don't look like anything special, but they reign supreme in the biscuit world.

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    Chocolate chip cookies have nothing on these bad boys.

    14. But you're lucky if you haven't tried an iced bun, tbh.

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    When are we going to address the fact that these are just hot dog buns with icing sugar on them???

    15. We may get dragged for beans on toast, but it really is a top tier meal.

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    It can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner – how can you not stan such a versatile dish?! Honestly, don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

    16. But I think we can all agree that cockles can get in the bin.

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    If you disagree, change my mind in the comments!