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    8 British Foods That The Rest Of The World Needs To Eat And 8 That Are Pretty Terrible

    If you haven't eaten sticky toffee pudding, you haven't lived.

    1. If you know anything about fine dining, Yorkshire puddings should be a staple in your diet.

    2. But pork pies should've been left in the Victorian era.

    3. Bangers and mash is straight-up iconic.

    4. But I don't think anyone would object if we just got rid of mushy peas.

    5. Sticky toffee pudding truly is the pride of Britain.

    6. Christmas pudding gets way more limelight than it should.

    7. You can't call yourself a food connoisseur if you haven't devoured a butter-drenched crumpet.

    8. Black pudding, on the other hand, is something we could, and should, get rid of.

    9. The rest of the world is completely sleeping on chips 'n' gravy.

    10. But I'm sorry to say that chips and curry sauce is a bit of an embarrassment.

    11. Every drunken night out needs to end with a good ole battered sausage.

    12. But saveloys really need to be retired.

    13. Digestives don't look like anything special, but they reign supreme in the biscuit world.

    14. But you're lucky if you haven't tried an iced bun, tbh.

    15. We may get dragged for beans on toast, but it really is a top tier meal.

    16. But I think we can all agree that cockles can get in the bin.