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    22 Single Mothers From TV That Deserve Gold Medals

    From Lorelai to Xiomara – these ladies held it down.

    Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which single mums from TV they love. Here's who they said!

    1. Penelope from One Day at a Time




    "She's extremely strong, hardworking, smart, and cared so much about her kids."


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    2. Xiomara from Jane the Virgin

    The CW

    "She was really young when she had Jane and obviously made mistakes, but she always put her daughter first and was a great emotional support for Jane."


    "She was so headstrong and raised Jane into an independent but loving woman. I also think Alba may count as a single mother as her husband passed, and she deserves recognition too for being the matriarch of the Villanueva women."


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    3. Annie from Good Girls


    "She obviously makes some bad choices, but her relationship with her trans son is so sweet and loving, and she always makes sure that he feels accepted."


    "Like she tries her best you know, and that’s good enough for me."


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    4. Linda from My Mad Fat Diary


    "She was one of the most realistic representations of a mother I’ve seen in a work of fiction. Even though they had their ups and downs and she was far from perfect, you could see how much she loved and cared about Rae. She had a hard front with a soft exterior."


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    5. Miranda from Sex and the City


    "I know she ended up with Steve, but up until then she was a single mum working with a baby, and the struggle and guilt that goes with that was portrayed on screen. She was also a fantastic mother who somehow managed to balance her job, her love life, and her friendships alongside raising her child. She deserves more credit."


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    6. Melissa McCall from Teen Wolf


    "She was just an all-round badass mum who would have moved the Earth for her son. She really did the most, even when they were struggling to keep the lights on."


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    7. Lorraine from Normal People

    BBC Three

    "She called Connell out on his shitty treatment of Marianne and always showed support for Connell and Marianne through their struggles."


    "She was supportive, kind, fun, and hilarious, but she called him on his shit when he hurt people. She was a queen!"


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    8. Joyce from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    "She wins in my book. I think she had some really understated character development from being the oblivious single mother to discovering that her daughter was a vampire slayer, struggling with it, then accepting and supporting it. Then her cancer storyline and death was heartbreaking!"


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    9. Ashley from Pretty Little Liars

    ABC Family / Freeform

    "I know she wasn't always the perfect mother but she sacrificed herself to protect Hannah and even cared for Caleb (whereas the other patents in PLL never accepted their children's partner)."


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    10. Emma from Once Upon a Time


    "She gave Henry up because she knew she wouldn’t be able to give him a good life. It took time but she slowly worked to fix the years she lost and became such a great mother. She’s so strong and such a great mother."


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    11. Regina from Once Upon a Time


    "She wasn't always the best at communicating with her son but always tried her best. After a lot of work, she eventually changed her ways and became an amazing mum."


    "She truly loved her son and did everything in her power to change."


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    12. Joyce from Stranger Things


    "She goes through so much tragedy in the show but is so strong and a great mother."


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    13. Lisa from Sister, Sister


    "Sure, she had the support of Ray when Tamera came along, but before that, she raised Tia all by herself and did a great job of it."


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    14. Fiona from Shameless


    "I know she’s not a mother but she may as well be, she did everything for her siblings and sacrificed her own life for them daily. Mother figures come in all different shapes and sizes."


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    15. Carol from Glee


    "I know that she got married in season 2, but she was an amazing single mother."


    "Amazing woman."


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    16. Violet from Bridgerton


    "She made me wish she was my mom!"


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    17. Hilda from Ugly Betty


    "She relentlessly supported and protected Justin, and never let her own problems get in the way of how she parented. And even though she wasn't much older than Betty, she definitely stepped up and gave her motherly support when she needed it."


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    18. Nicole from Raising Dion


    "After her husband died, she gave up some big dreams to dedicate herself to protect and teach her son."


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    19. Petra from Jane The Virgin

    The CW

    "She was a baddass."


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    20. Georgia from Ginny and Georgia


    "She's kinda terrifying, but everything she does, she does for her kids. She had a really hard life and even though the stuff she does is incredibly questionable she clearly cares deeply about her children and I think it shows. Her mistakes make her a more interesting complex character."


    "I thought she was going to be an annoying flaky mum but she is an absolute legend. She makes mistakes, and she's got a dark past, but she is so likeable and I can't help but root for her not to get caught out!"


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    21. Kate from Lost


    "While she wasn't my favourite character, nor was she actually Aaron's mum, she still took him in and raised him so kindly and treated him as her own. You would think he was her biological child from the way she protected and loved him."


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    22. And last, but definitely not least, Lorelai from Gilmore Girls

    The WB / CW

    "Lorelai is ICONIC."


    "She definitely is not perfect but she did her best as a teen mother and raising Rory alone."


    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Who's your favourite fictional single mother? Tell us in the comments! Follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter if you want to be be featured in similar posts!

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