29 "Batman" Tweets That Will Never Not Be Funny

    "I like how The Batman is titled what your aunt would call it."

    It's finally been confirmed: The Batman 2 is happening!

    Headshot of Pattinson as Batman

    So while we wait for the sequel, let's fill that bat-shaped gap with some tweets about the superhero that will never not be funny.


    when will Batman wear purple again, the color in which he objectively looks cutest


    Batman would really leave a mf like this and expect him to answers questions

    Twitter: @OvOBrezzzy


    This shіt looks like gotham city at the end of The Batman https://t.co/7sXk6WAC5y

    Twitter: @kirawontmiss


    Something I've always wondered is, how did Batman become Batman? Did he have a mum and dad? What happened there?


    Batman: Oh, i see your kid is here, Jim. Jim: Yeah, it's bring your kid to work day. An annual thing. Batman: I see. Jim: Yeah, a ONCE a year thing Batman: Uh-huh. Jim: Not every day. Just today. One time per year. Batman: I'm familiar with the concept. Jim: ARE YOU?!

    Twitter: @TheBat_Family


    If you're patient enough, you'll eventually get to play Batman in a feature film.

    Twitter: @michaelharriot


    Twitter: @lulistone12


    Twitter: @bigwanger12


    I like how The Batman is titled what your aunt would call it.

    Twitter: @fisackerly


    batman when he solved the "el rata alada" riddle

    Twitter: @dragonsnaydra


    therapist: so...you fight penguins and clowns? batman: jesus christ, for the tenth time, it's THE penguin and one SPECIFIC clown


    The more realistic you make your Batman movie, the more he looks like the Babadook at a grownups-drinking-wine party whenever he goes to a crime scene

    Twitter: @kylebuchanan


    Batman be knocking people out in one punch and adding 365 more punches for every day Gotham got him fucked up


    I’ve always loved Batman cause I also blame my entire personality on my parents.


    “Fuck off crybaby. Nobody cares.” - me to Batman if I ever have to see/hear his origin story again



    Batman be like "I know a spot" then take you here


    If you are ever down about yourself, just remember that you have the same amount of superpowers as Batman.


    Batman: I’m vengeance Dad: hi vengeance, I’m dad Batman: Dad: I’ve also been dead for 20 years Bruce lol you gotta let me go


    Batman in comic books: I do not kill Batman in movies:


    Why did Batman's dad take his family to the hood movie theater anyway?


    alfred: you have emphysema batman: how? alfred: probably from using smoke bombs to get out of scary situations batman: oh alfred: batman: *slowly reaches for smoke bomb* alfred: sir


    Tim Burton's first Batman understands what no superhero film has understood since: the people want a full album of Prince original songs and a music video about a Partyman who destroys Gotham City simply by partying really hard

    Twitter: @JFrankensteiner


    I want a Batman with the Little Women ending, where Batman fights crime for a few years and realizes his vigilantism is really about his trauma and decides to start a school where anyone can learn


    My favorite super hero is Batman because his super power is financial security and that’s the kind of insane power fantasy I can get behind


    bruce wayne really woke up one day and said “therapy is expensive, punching some guys is free”


    Batman: Didn’t I already fight you? Riddler: No that was the Joker. I’m the riddler. Batman: That feels like the same thing. Joker: Fucking THANK YOU!


    if i were batman i would simply tell the joker his jokes were not funny


    Finally, a Batman who effectively acts just like Shadow the Hedgehog

    Twitter: @Miexriir

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