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    22 Times The Internet Hilariously Dragged The Hell Out Of Batman

    "I’ve always loved Batman cause I also blame my entire personality on my parents."


    Something I've always wondered is, how did Batman become Batman? Did he have a mum and dad? What happened there?


    therapist: fight penguins and clowns? batman: jesus christ, for the tenth time, it's THE penguin and one SPECIFIC clown


    when will Batman wear purple again, the color in which he objectively looks cutest


    young bruce wayne: i fucken love wearing black alfred: yep bruce: i’m always moody alfred: yep bruce: im obviously gonna be goth alfred: u could do that. OR


    Batman be knocking people out in one punch and adding 365 more punches for every day Gotham got him fucked up


    I’ve always loved Batman cause I also blame my entire personality on my parents.


    Imagine being in Gotham tryna sell an 8th and Batman come break yo arm


    “Fuck off crybaby. Nobody cares.” - me to Batman if I ever have to see/hear his origin story again



    Batman be like "I know a spot" then take you here


    If you are ever down about yourself, just remember that you have the same amount of superpowers as Batman.


    Batman: I’m vengeance Dad: hi vengeance, I’m dad Batman: Dad: I’ve also been dead for 20 years Bruce lol you gotta let me go


    Batman in comic books: I do not kill Batman in movies:


    Why did Batman's dad take his family to the hood movie theater anyway?


    alfred: you have emphysema batman: how? alfred: probably from using smoke bombs to get out of scary situations batman: oh alfred: batman: *slowly reaches for smoke bomb* alfred: sir


    I want a Batman with the Little Women ending, where Batman fights crime for a few years and realizes his vigilantism is really about his trauma and decides to start a school where anyone can learn


    My favorite super hero is Batman because his super power is financial security and that’s the kind of insane power fantasy I can get behind


    bruce when he gets asked if he's batman so it doesn't seem suspicious:


    bruce wayne really woke up one day and said “therapy is expensive, punching some guys is free”


    Batman: Didn’t I already fight you? Riddler: No that was the Joker. I’m the riddler. Batman: That feels like the same thing. Joker: Fucking THANK YOU!


    if i were batman i would simply tell the joker his jokes were not funny


    Even Batman can’t save us now, the wrong part of his face is covered.

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