12 Important Things That We Probably Wouldn't Have If It Wasn't For These Women

    You can thank a woman for the WiFi you're using right now.

    1. The world may have never been blessed with the chocolate chip cookie if it wasn't for the culinary experimentation of Ruth Graves Wakefield.

    2. And next time you get your morning coffee fix, you can thank Melitta Bentz – without her, it would be a lot grainier than it is today.

    3. Periods would be a hell of a lot more stressful if Mary Kenner hadn’t invented the moisture-proof belted sanitary napkin.

    4. And if it wasn't for the Hollywood movie star Hedy Lamarr's scientific genius, the world may have been without WiFi.

    5. You can thank Sister Rosetta Tharpe for blessing us with the unique sounds that became known as Rock & Roll.

    6. And getting out of bed on those cold winter mornings would be waaay harder if Alice Parker hadn't created central heating.

    7. Without the activism of Marsha P. Johnson and the Gay Liberation Front, LGBTQ+ rights wouldn't be where they are today.

    8. And anyone who's gotten overly competitive in a game of Monopoly has Lizzie Magie to thank.

    9. The world would probably be a lot less safe without Marie Van Brittan Brown's CCTV system.

    10. And you know how everyone's always like: "What's your personality type? I'm an ENTP" – You can thank Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers for that.

    11. The next time you pass an ice cream van, remember – if it wasn't for Agnes "Queen of Ices" Marshall, delicious edible cones wouldn't exist.

    12. And finally, driving in the rain would've been impossible if it wasn't for Mary Anderson and her invention of windshield wipers.