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    19 Questions I, A British Person, Have About American High School

    What are the bleachers, and why is everyone making out under them?

    I didn't go to high school in America, but after watching a lot of teen dramas over the years, I've got some questions about what actually goes down in American high schools...

    1. Do cheerleaders really wear their uniforms 24/7?


    What do they wear when it's in the wash? Do they wear it on the weekend as well?

    2. And do the wrestling team actually wear these outfits?!

    The CW

    3. Basically, does dress code just not apply?


    4. Are the teenage boys always really ripped?

    The CW

    5. And do girls magically skip that awkward phase?

    Freeform / ABC

    The Dream Matte Mousse phase apparently doesn't exist...

    6. What are the bleachers, and why is everyone making out under them?


    They look like steps, so why not just call them steps?

    7. How does everyone get so many free periods?

    The WB

    8. And do kids actually break into the school and hang out there in their free time?

    The CW

    Curfews are apparently nonexistent, but do you really have wild nights on the school grounds?

    9. Why is the new kid always super hot and mysterious?


    And why are they always from a really cool city out-of-state?

    10. And why do students only apply to one university?

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    Surely it just makes more sense to have a backup uni?

    11. Do you actually pick up all your friends on the way to school?


    12. Does the gym coach really teach sex ed?


    This just... Doesn't seem to make sense?

    13. And do you actually dissect frogs in biology class?


    14. Why are kids from different cliques constantly at war with each other?


    15. But then constantly sending texts throughout the entire school?


    Like, if the cliques are so divided, why does everyone have everyone's number?

    16. Is your underage drinking as classy as it looks?

    The CW

    Do passed out teens in parks just not exist in America?

    17. And why are parents so heavily involved in all the school drama?

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    18. Are ~the big dance~ and ~the big game~ as important as everyone makes out?


    19. And finally, do you really have that much school spirit?

    The CW

    Do people really love high school that much?