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    18 Of The Most 2018 Halloween Costumes You'll See This Year

    I wonder how many T'Challas you'll see this year?

    1. You'll definitely see a fair few Wakandans this October 31st.

    There'll be T'Challas, Okoyes, and Shuris galore.

    2. You probably won't see a baby that's not dressed as Baby Shark.

    3. And you might see some ambitious couples going as Papa and Johny, giant head included.

    4. There'll be men, women, and dogs dressed as Kanye in the "I Love it" video.

    So my wife made this for our dog’s First Halloween 😂

    This dog is already an icon.

    5. And you'll probably be visited by a few trick-or-treaters dressed as tattletale Cardi B.

    My momma said y’all have to play with me

    "My mom said you have to give me candy."

    6. There'll be tons of the Incredible family roaming the streets on October 31...

    7. ...With a fair few Edna Modes in tow.

    My mom is going to be Edna Mode for Halloween. I’d say it’s a pretty good idea.

    And not a cape in sight, obvs.

    8. There's definitely going to be a few Barbs braving the cold to be the perfect Nicki Minaj.

    9. And if you're lucky, you might see some sexy handmaids.

    10. I guarantee that there'll be some pre Episode IV Han Solos knocking around.

    11. And you might run into his son, Kylo Ren.

    Found my Halloween costume already, going as Awkward Shirtless Kylo Ren

    That scene in The Last Jedi was just waiting to be made into a costume.

    12. There's gonna be Hormone Monsters and Monstresses galore this year.

    13. And you're likely to see a few ladies dressed as the 13th Doctor.

    @bbcdoctorwho ACE Comicon Midwest may have been underwhelming, but my 13th Doctor Cosplay was on point! #Brilliant.

    14. Whatever Halloween party you attend, you're sure to see a couple of Dominos.

    15. And I bet you'll be visited by some yodeling trick-or-treaters.

    16. You might cross paths with a Kim Possible, moustache lipstick and all.

    17. You're definitely gonna see a few Riverdalers out and about on October 31st.

    18. And finally, I can 100% guarantee that you'll run into AT LEAST one sexy witch.