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16 Dark Movie Scenes That Ended Up Being Deleted

Hmmm yeah, maybe eating a baby is a step too far.

1. Pennywise eating a baby in It.

2. Deadpool trying to kill baby Hitler in Deadpool 2.

3. A rape scene in Horrible Bosses 2.

4. Dan being framed for Alex's murder in Fatal Attraction.

5. Casey's boyfriend being graphically gutted in Scream.

6. Evan strangling himself in the womb in The Butterfly Effect.

7. Elsa taking on the villain role and torturing some guards in Frozen.

8. A cinema massacre in Gangster Squad.

9. Buford Tannen killing Marshall Strickland in Back To The Future Part III

10. Bruce Banner's suicide attempt in The Incredible Hulk.

11. A body being disintegrated in Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom.

12. Scar trying to force Nala to marry him in The Lion King.

13. The scene where Alex is brutally eaten by the shark in Jaws.

14. Shan Yu massacring an entire village in Mulan.

15. Edward being stabbed in the eye in Divergent.

16. Stitch basically killing Pudge the fish in Lilo and Stitch.