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10 Of The Worst Moments In Any Interview

All pressure, all the time. But with Hanes X-TEMP®, you'll be able to keep your cool under it.

1. How you think the handshake is going to go.

And how it actually goes.

2. When you immediately forget your interviewer's name.

3. When you don't understand the question, so you just hope nodding is the right answer.

4. When you start to suspect that the interviewers are on to you.

5. What you think is going to happen when you pull out a pen to take notes.

But what actually happens when you open your bag.

6. When your extracurricular activities come up.

7. When you make a joke that doesn't land.

8. When you realize your clothes have been stained the entire time.

9. When it comes time to ask the interviewer questions, and you're so mentally exhausted that you have absolutely nothing to say.

10. And just when you think it's over... and the interviewer announces they'll be right back with the next interviewer.

But don't worry about your next interview — Hanes X-TEMP® can help keep you cool under pressure.