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13 Intense Movie Moments That Will Make You Break A Sweat

THE SUSPENSE MIGHT KILL YOU. But hopefully you're dressed in underwear and apparel from Hanes X-TEMP®, because it keeps you cool under pressure.

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1. Dial M for Murder (1954)

Warner Bros. / Everett Collection

Alfred Hitchcock made cinematic history in his film based on a play of the same name. In one of the most memorable scenes, the main character — who has hired a hitman to kill his unfaithful wife — calls her on the phone at the moment the murderer is supposed to strike. What happens next can only be described as unexpected.

Stress Level: Breathe! BREATHE! It's not you being strangled. It's only a movie!

2. Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Paramount Pictures / Everett Collection

Literally every moment of Roman Polanski's psychological horror is filled with suspense. Things go from bad to strange when Rosemary becomes pregnant and her creepy neighbors insist they play a role in the child's birth. Everything comes together in the final scene when Rosemary discovers the true identity of the baby's father.

Stress Level: Almost wishing you were never born because sometimes the truth is just too much.

3. Jaws (1975)

John Williams strikes cinematic gold with his revolutionary score. The menacing, unceasing visceral hum of the theme from Jaws haunts every suspenseful moment and takes it to the extreme.

Stress Level: So sweaty you might as well be swimming in the Pacific. WATCH OUT FOR JAWS THO!

4. Goodfellas (1990)

WARNER BROS / Ronald Grant Archive / Mary Evans Rights Managed / Everett Collection

In Scorsese's Academy Award-winning film about an Italian crime family living in Brooklyn in the 1950s, all bets are off when wise guy Tommy DeVito flips the script on our main character. In a matter of seconds, the scene goes from hilarious to painfully unbearable.

Stress Level: The on-screen awkwardness might actually kill you.

5. Silence of the Lambs (1990)

The penultimate scene of this horror-crime flick, the main character (played by Jodi Foster) confronts Buffalo Bill, a disturbed serial killer, in his pitch-black basement after pursuing him for weeks.

Stress Level: Oh, what's that? You peed your pants, you said? Us too.

6. Jurassic Park (1993)

Universal / Everett Collection

All bets are off in a hugely climactic scene from Spielberg's dino epic where a pack of Velociraptors hunt down two children in the kitchen. With reptiles smart enough to open doors and work together, survival of the fittest has never been so extreme.


7. Pulp Fiction (1994)

The stakes are high in this classic Tarantino flick. Ms. Mia Wallace is suffering from an overdose, and her caretaker Vincent must find a way to revive her. The answer? An adrenaline shot to the chest.

Stress Level: The stress might actually kill you, but hang in there, because Mia's revival will give you the will to survive. The pressure is real.

8. Children of Men (2006)

Like a few others on this list, every second of this dystopian film is drenched in dramatic tension. One of the most intense scenes involves a surprise ambush when a group of travelers attempts to find safety.

Stress Level: High, but we wonder if you'll be able to feel it with that broken heart you'll have after watching the scene mentioned above.

9. There Will Be Blood (2007)

At the end of Paul Thomas Anderson's epic about oil tycoon Daniel Plainview, the main character shocks all when he confronts his nemesis in the dramatic climax. "I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE."

Stress Level: The fear of Daniel Plainview stepping off of the screen and into your living room to drink YOUR milkshake will keep you awake for many nights to come.

10. No Country for Old Men (2007)

Miramax / Everett Collection

Javier Bardem, in a role he was born to play, turns up the tension in this pivotal scene from Joel and Ethan Coen's Western thriller. He offers a stranger the chance to survive on a coin toss. "Call it, friend-o."

Stress Level: The pressure you'll feel from watching this movie is as steep as the pressure in Bardem's pressurized gun.

11. In Bruges (2008)

Focus Features / Everett Collection

Drenched in ennui, Martin McDonagh's dark comedy follows two hitmen on a trip to Bruges, where they're supposed to lay low after getting into some trouble in London. In one of the most suspenseful scenes, one of the hitmen chases his boss up a winding tower, commencing a series of horrendous events.

Stress Level: Lightheartedly hardcore. Watch it to understand.

12. Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Tarantino sets the tone early in his epic WWII film with an excruciatingly tense scene between a Nazi interrogator and a man who just so happens to be hiding stowaway Jews underneath the floorboards. For nearly four very long minutes, we wait on the edge of our seats to see who survives.

Stress Level: This scene is so intense that you might literally sweat to death.

13. Gravity (2013)

© Warner Bros / Everett Collection

There isn't a moment to breathe in Alfonso Cuarón's recent film about outer space. The stakes are outrageously high when we find Sandra Bullock constantly plummeting to her death, every five minutes.

Stress Level: Breathe, Sandra! BREATHE! BECAUSE WE CAN'T UNTIL YOU DO!

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