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10 Advancements That Will Change The Way You Look At Clothing

Technically amazing. Hanes X-TEMP® apparel is designed to respond to your body temperature to help keep you cool.

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1. Advances in active wear allow us to train harder AND smarter!


Certain clothing items like compression shorts can help improve circulation, which will positively impact your running experience, while other fabrics that wick moisture will keep you dry while you're doing it!

3. Designers and scientists are working together to create clothing that harnesses energy from our movements.


Latest advancements in kinetic energy-harnessing apparel include a pair of jean shorts that converts the energy generated from your movements into power used to charge your mobile phone!

4. Some eco-friendly clothing is made of recycled materials like plastic and glass.

image by Monique van der Lint / Getty Images

Designers are taking recycling to a new level by finding ways to use recycled beer bottles, water bottles, discarded x-ray film, and empty yogurt cartons in their clothing.

5. Solar-power is being implemented into everyday clothing to help reduce our carbon footprint.


Although solar-power fixtures have been available on wearable (petroleum-based) garments for a while now, there has been a huge effort within the last few years to design solar powered garments made from natural fabrics.

8. Inventors are testing the boundaries of fashion with new focus on acoustic fibers.


Advancements in acoustic fibers may allow for clothing that could emit sounds and/or monitor environmental sounds and vibrations to gauge air or water pressure.

9. Digitally printed patterns are doing a lot to help the environment.

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As opposed to traditional printing and dying methods, printing a digitally designed pattern directly onto fabric has reduced water usage by 95% and energy usage by 75%.

10. Washable RFID technology allows for many exciting futuristic uses.

The uses for RFID (or radio frequency identification technology) in clothing are almost boundless, but a few ideas are using it to help you to remember your keys when leaving the house or help retailers gather information on how their products are being used in the wild.

Hanes X-TEMP® apparel is designed to respond to your body temperature to help keep you cool.

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