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Why Self-Driving Cars Are The Future Of Driving

It is evident that self-driving cars have a negative connotation with the majority of the public. But the reality is that although self-driving cars are often portrayed by the media as detrimental, they are beneficial to society. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

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1. Self-driving cars would reduce the number of car accidents that occur per year.

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Think about it. Have you personally, or do you know a friend/family member that has been involved in a car accident? “Because an estimated 94% of automobile accidents are attributable to human error, the development of law-abiding, ultra-safe self-driving cars promises to significantly reduce the number of annual car accidents” (Penn Bioethics Journal).

2. Congestion and traffic on major roadways would decrease.

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That moment when you’re cruising down the highway and then see those awful red brake lights. You curse the world for having too many humans. Self-driving cars would reduce congestion on major roadways through improved traffic control and accident reduction.

3. Traveling longer distances at a time just got that much easier.

Pack your bag folks. It's road-trip time. Since these cars reduce human labor and make driving a more relaxed and stress-free experience, consumers would be more likely to travel longer distances at a time.

6. Fuel and energy consumption would be reduced, alleviating harmful effects on the environment.

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Self-driving cars are a step towards solving environmental issues, such as global warming and ocean acidification.

8. Urban cities would see an increase in economic activity, leading to overall increased GDP.


It is said that self-driving cars could boost gross domestic product (GDP), or the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country's borders in a period (quarter/year). This is used as a method to gauge the health of a countries economy.

9. There would be room for improvement in infrastructure, leading to job creation.

Although infrastructure is a high-cost investment, it creates jobs as well as has a large multiplier effect. This means that a dollar spent on infrastructure leads to an outcome of greater than two dollars.

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