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11 Things You Should Always Leave Up To The Experts

Some things are better left up to the professionals. And your taxes are no exception! With 50 years' experience as Canada’s leading tax specialist, H&R Block doesn't miss a thing — so you're guaranteed to get the most money back.

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1. Pest control.

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There's no way you want to deal with this on your own — call the exterminator!

2. Haircuts.

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Sure, your hair will grow back, but few things in life are worse than a bad haircut.

3. Painting your home.

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Before you get out the ladder and blue painter's tape, call a professional.

4. Getting in shape for the first time.

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If you're new to working out, it's probably a good idea to check in a personal trainer.

5. Dyeing your hair.

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Like cutting your own hair, a good at-home dye job is a risk you probably don't want to take.

6. Teaching yourself a new sport.

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There's a reason why they're called "golf pros."

7. Baking a cake for an important event.

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Maybe you're the world's best at-home baker, but this is one of those times you don't want to make a sneezing on your creation.

8. Construction projects.

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Construction projects are the ultimate "don't try this at home." Definitely call in the experts.

9. Bike tricks.

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If you're not a professional extreme biker, you might want to think twice before attempting crazy tricks.

10. Tree removal.

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Even the strongest tractors are no match for some trees. You'll probably need help with this.

11. Dog walking.

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Don't let your dog miss out on his exercise because you're a lazy dog walker. Hire someone who's willing to be a little more active.

And finally — leave your taxes up to the experts!

With 50 years' experience as Canada's leading tax specialist, H&R Block doesn't miss a thing, to get you the most money back

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