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    Magazine CEO Lets Pinterest Users Plan Her Wedding

    One crazy girl and her fiance have decided to open up their special day to millions of strangers, but why? It turns out that there's a really good reason behind it all. Yes, anyone can Pin theme ideas and products for the wedding, but there is one stipulation: everything must be handmade.

    Why Handmade?

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    Dani is the CEO of the Handmade Seller magazine which trains people how to create a shop on Etsy (or any other similar platform) and sell their handmade items. Dani's goal is to draw more attention to the handmade industry and to the individual sellers whose products are being pinned. With millions of people viewing and participating in this event, she anticipates a fun time for everyone, but even more importantly, a lot of traffic for handmade shops.

    The Wedding Theme Competition

    There are two ways that everyone can participate! The first is by creating a theme board for the wedding party. Dani and her fiance want to do something unique and so they will pick from one of the theme ideas for their wedding. For example, you can create a Pinterest board around a Masquerade, 1940's, shabby chic, particular color, or ballroom theme! There are no limits on the number of themes you can enter! The only rule is that you use the hashtag #danishandmadewedding in the pin description so that the pins are easily found and viewed by everyone. Once you have created the theme board(s), just post them to this Facebook event!

    Pin to the Handmade Seller's Boards

    The second way to showcase items is by joining the Handmade Seller's boards on Pinterest. From there you can pin individual products to relevant boards! The application to join the boards is HERE.

    Where Do You Find Handmade Products to Pin?

    Tyler Olson / Tyler Olson - Fotolia

    There are many major sites where you can find handmade items to pin from. is the most popular platform for handmade sellers, but you can also find a lot of products on Handmade at Amazon, Aftcra, and Bonanza!

    Are you ready to get started? Let the pinning begin!