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Ways To Wear Your Holiday Spirit When You’re Sick Of Red And Green

Let’s face it: The holidays are long, and red and green can get old real fast. Spice up the season with H&M.

For holiday shopping:

Hit the stores in style! Stay chic in neutrals while you brave the cold to find those perfect somethings for your someones.

For the office holiday party:

Classy much? Wow your co-workers with a simple but elegant dress accented with some serious bling.

For your BFF Secret Santa Swap:

There’s nothing as warm and fuzzy as hanging with your BFFs. Keep it casual and, even more importantly, comfy.

For a festive night in:

Welcome to Cozytown — population: you. Pop on a rom-com, throw on your favorite mismatched PJs, and enjoy a holiday helping of chill.

For holidays with the fam:

Your aunts and uncles may not understand what your job is, but they’ll definitely see that your style is on point.

For partying with old friends:

It’s like high school again, but so much better. Rock the hometown hard in metallics.

For NYE:

Glitter...with a twist. The year’s biggest night will not be disappointed.

For even more awesome holiday looks, head over to H&M!

Photographs by Sarah Stone and Lauren Zaser / © BuzzFeed 2016