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Festival Fashion Tips For The Whole Squad

Festival season is approaching! Get the whole squad ready to slaaayy thanks to H&M Loves Coachella collection.

We asked fashion gurus Janelle Lloyd, Keiko Lynn, Claire Geist, and Erica Lavelanet to share their style tips for the festival season.

Janelle: When in doubt, wear fringe! It’s always in style during festival season!

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Keiko: Dress in easy layers because it may be hot during the day, but it gets really chilly at night. It’s a good time to have fun and go a little over the top, so take risks, and don’t take anything too seriously!

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Erica: My number-one rule is a good pair of boots to stomp around in; a beat-up denim jacket for a nighttime layer; and less makeup, more sunscreen!

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Claire: Wear what works for your body! If I’m going to be at a festival all day, I need something reliable, something that I can dance in.

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Photographs by Lennon / Stone © BuzzFeed

Get your whole squad ready with hot festival looks thanks to the H&M Coachella Collection.