Obama Fist Bumps Everybody

We saw how Obama was one of the coolest bosses ever when he fist bumped his White House Custodial Worker. But it doesn't stop there! He's keeping it going by fist-bumping everyone from kids, soldiers, and custodial workers to the White House Chief of Staff. You could be next!

Gusto.NYC • 7 years ago

Your Guide To Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookies are no trivial manner. When news broke that certain varieties would be cancelled due to low sales, many were outraged. Are cookie buyers overwhelmed with options or is their something more nefarious happening in the cookie market?

Chris Menning • 7 years ago

10 Best Hairdos From NoWayGirl.com

In no particular order. No Way Girl has a pretty stunning tattoo section, too.

BABYDIABOLICAL • 7 years ago

Alternate Reality Movie Posters

Artist Sean Hartter conjured up these Bizarro World film posters, done in the style of '70s b-movies, featuring his ideal casts and directors. I'd give anything to see Jodorowsky's take on "Star Wars."

Gavon Laessig • 7 years ago