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    12 Ridiculously Delicious Carrot Cakes To Eat This Spring

    Pure, sweet indulgence!

    1. Raw Carrot Cake With Pistachios and Lime Coconut Frosting

    Nirvana Cakery / Via

    Recipe here.

    2. Marsha’s Outrageous Carrot Cake

    The Chunky Chef / Via

    Recipe here.

    3. Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Vegan Cheesecake

    Food Faith Fitness / Via

    Recipe here.

    4. Spiced Carrot Cake With Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Frosting

    The Cake Chica / Via

    Recipe here.

    6. Gluten-Free Carrot Cake

    What The Fork Food Blog / Via

    Recipe here.

    7. Whole Wheat Purple Carrot Cake With Honey Cream Cheese Drizzle

    Matters of the Belly / Via

    Recipe here.

    8. Raw Carrot Cake With Cashew Frosting

    Green Evi / Via

    Recipe here.

    10. Carrot Dulce De Leche Cake

    A Bit Wholesomely / Via

    Recipe here.

    11. Naked Carrot Cake

    Munchkin Time / Via

    Recipe here.

    12. Low Carb Classic Carrot Cake

    Kim Hardesty / Via

    Recipe here.

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