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    16 Seized, Stolen, Abandoned And Surplus Treasures You Can Get On

    *Law & Order: SVU Noise blares*

    In the criminal justice system, property that is seized or otherwise acquired by a law enforcement agency can be auctioned for pennies on the dollar. Online, the dedicated sellers who collect and market these disparate items are members of an elite website known as the Property Room. These are their products.

    1. An old Hartford city bus.

    2. A Mallard Duck Telephone, complete with faux-wood keypad.

    3. A six pack of VonDutch socks, starting at $1.

    4. A flute that is definitely, definitely cursed.

    5. A matched set of grotesque head mugs: Pirate, Gentleman, and Drunkard.

    Which mug fits your personality? Or maybe you're all three...

    6. An electric eye massager, which handily plugs into any USB port you can find.

    7. A Mint-Condition Furby

    8. Some... art...

    9. An LED light that straps conveniently to the brim of your favorite ball cap.

    10. 2 Olive Garden gift cards, total value $65 but currently selling for $51.

    11. A body-cupping kit that'll help you clear your blood of toxins... if you already know how to use it.

    12. A 2017 Ford Explore that just needs a little TLC.

    13. A gently-used cowboy hat and leather holster.

    14. A "Mystery Beauty Box" full of treats for the holidays.

    15. A device for testing the quality of hydroponic soil.

    16. A fun top for your next summer outing.

    If you see anything else that's totally normal and reasonable for a law enforcement agency to sell, feel free to leave it in the comments!