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Updated on Sep 16, 2020. Posted on Sep 13, 2020

Everyone's Life Matches A Movie Genre — Pick Your Favorite 2020 K-Pop Songs To Find Out Yours

*Day6's "Man in a Movie" plays in the distance*

Choose a song from ITZY's Not Shy:
Now pick a song from EXO-SC's 1 Billion Views:
How about a song from TWICE's More & More?
And a song from BTS's Map Of The Soul: 7:
Choose a song from KARD's Red Moon:
Don't forget a song from GOT7's DYE!
Choose a song from Oh My Girl's Nonstop:
Now a song from TXT's The Dream Chapter: Eternity:
Select a song from Stray Kids' Go Live:
Choose a song from a female soloist:
And a song by a male soloist:
How about a song by a girl group?
And a song by a boy group:
Choose another girl group song:
And finally, one more boy group song:
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