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16 Travel Tips... As Told By Your Dad

Remember, Father knows best. Hampton has compiled Dad's wisdom so you can have the best/most efficient vacation ever!

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1. "ALWAYS use the bathroom before you leave."

Stuart Orford (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: sjorford

2. "If you're not in the car by 7 a.m., the day's already ruined."

3. "Before you pack, ask yourself: Do you really have to bring that much stuff?"

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4. "Keep your luggage organized. You'll thank me later."

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5. "If you don't get to the airport at least two hours early, YOU WILL MISS YOUR FLIGHT."

6. "There's no need to speed — the destination ain't going anywhere."

7. "Read every historical marker. It's better than any TV show!"

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8. "Jorts are perfect for travel, as they allow for knee freedom while taking advantage of denim's breathability."

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9. "For maximum security, keep your fanny pack securely strapped INSIDE your shirt."

10. "You only need to get one souvenir...

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11. ...and make sure it's something useful, not just some junk that's gonna gather dust."

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12. "Eat a big breakfast. You'll need your energy."

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13. "Stay hydrated."

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14. "Don't pick up hitchhikers."

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15. "Bring back something nice for your mother."

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And Dad always recommends getting a good night's sleep. Book a room with Hampton for a room that definitely has Dad's approval.

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