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    Zooper Dooper Milk Is A Thing — And Honestly I'm A Little Scared

    Would you try these?

    In more news of weird and wonderful food mashups, Zooper Dooper milk now exists and I did not see this coming.


    We have Bega to thank for this — the pioneers behind the beloved Big M choccy milks and Zooper Doopers.

    Now, I love a frosty Zooper Dooper on a hot summer's day — and I've been partial to glugging a Big M choccy milk from time to time, but the two of them together makes me question if we might be taking our culinary quests a little too far.


    What I would give to be a fly on the wall when this was pitched.

    You can grab these new milk drinks in the iconic bubblegum flavour.


    Or if you'd prefer something more refreshing, perhaps the pineapple flavour might tickle your fancy.


    And finally, if you're one of the fiends who always hoards the pink Zooper Doopers (or red, depending on who you ask), there's even a raspberry option.


    Now, as far as I can tell, these babies are temporarily unavailable online, but there have been accounts of people finding them at their local Woolies, so go forth and live your best milk x Zooper Dooper hybrid lives — if you dare.


    Please remember to do so safely and respectfully.

    Would you try these — or have you already tried them? Let us know down in the comments!