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    27 Valentine's Gifts To Get Yourself Because You're Worth It

    You call it narcissism, I call it self-worth.

    1. This heartbreaker kit by Sand and Sky because gorgeous skin is way more satisfying than a healthy relationship.

    2. This weighted cotton blanket that will tuck you in when there's nobody around to do it for you.

    3. And this pillow for even more of that independent comfort you definitely don't need another body for.

    4. This light-up jewellery organiser that'll ensure you never have a tangled necklace emergency again.

    5. This one-line-a-day memory journal, which is perfect if you love the idea of journaling, but don't have the time.

    6. This double stimulating toy that'll have you questioning whether you've ever actually orgasmed before.

    7. This singles subscription box because you deserve gifts every month all year round.

    8. Or this book subscription box that will help you reach your reading goals without the hassle of figuring out what to read.

    9. This Tasty non-stick ceramic cookware set because cooking yourself delicious homemade meals is the ultimate form of self-love.

    10. This tarot deck, which will provide you with a bit of enlightenment and contentment when you're feeling lost.

    11. This organic glow oil by Dry Oil Co. that you can use from head to toe, to feel like the bright, glowing star that you are.

    12. This rotating makeup stand, because sometimes the best form of self-care is a clean, organised space.

    13. This personalised carry-on luggage because by now you've made it clear that you catch flights, not feelings.

    14. This self-development card game that encourages critical thinking and personal growth.

    15. This Fireball gift box because you're so damn hot that your liquor should be spicy too.

    16. This mouth-watering new range of quick and healthy Youfoodz meals — because, in life, what greater love is there than food?

    17. This yoga mat, so that you can stretch it out before bedtime and get your limbs nice and loose.

    18. This clay mousse mask by Innisfree that'll create the perfect base for your makeup.

    19. This limited edition "You're Gorgeous" gift pack from Lush that you can use to take luscious baths, because you don't have anyone asking you why you're taking so long in the bathroom.

    20. This Fire TV Stick that plugs into your TV, so that you can binge all your favourite shows and YouTube videos. Because what else are you going to do while waiting for your face mask to work its magic?

    21. This six-minute diary, that will allow you to focus on mindfulness if you're feeling a little out of your head with everything that's going on.

    22. This delicious and pretty chocolate heart pop that you can bite right into while staring into the eyes of your coupled up friends to freak them out.

    23. This HappySkinCo IPL hair removal device, because taking the time to blitz every hair follicle on your body is oddly soothing.

    24. These Australian bath salts, because if there's any time to sit in a soothing soup of nourishing oils and steamy water, it's now.

    25. This glare-proof and waterproof Kindle that will give you access to a world of books at your fingertips without you ever having to leave the house.

    26. This fitness tracker, that not only looks great, but will help you understand your body and its behaviours throughout the day.

    27. And finally, this self-charging robotic vacuum, because you love yourself too much to partake in the worst chore invented, ever again.

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