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    7 Seriously Delicious Tasty Recipes For You To Try This Weekend

    Studies show you can't ~not~ make something after reading this post.

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    If you're familiar with Tasty, you're familiar with the way they happen to have a recipe for anything you can imagine.


    You name it — they've made it, tried it and taught us how to do it.

    Here are some of the most monumental and delicious Tasty recipes I've come across — and the tools you need to make them yourself too.


    1. Five Hearty Slow Cooker Recipes.

    Tasty / BuzzFeed

    If there's one thing winter brings, it's comfort food. What's better than comfort food? Easy comfort food. Make these delicious recipes yourself with a slow cooker. The recipes included in this compilation are lemon garlic slow cook chicken, slow cook beef and broccoli, slow cooker loaded potato soup, slow cooker pot roast and slow cooker ribs.

    If you don't currently own a slow cooker, you can grab one from Amazon Australia for $49.

    2. Four Easy Instant Pot Dinners.

    Tasty / BuzzFeed

    Somehow, even though I seem to have so much more time now that we're self-isolating, I seem to be having more trouble taking the time to cook a decent meal. Insert instant pots. These recipes include shredded chicken tacos, pot roast with mashed cauliflower, healthier veggie fried rice and garlic herb shrimp and spaghetti squash.

    My colleague Mariela recently tried out an Instant Pot to see what it was like— read about her experience here.

    If you don't currently own an Instant Pot, you can grab one from Amazon Australia for $189.

    3. Easy Rice-Cooker Fluffy Cheesecake.

    Tasty / BuzzFeed

    Japanese jiggly cheesecake is a famous dessert that went viral a few years ago, so much so that everyone was trying to figure out how to make it and how to make it perfect. It's delicious but super hard to perfect, that is, until you entirely remove the baking portion. This recipe uses a rice cooker to give you that soft, fluffy cheesecake goodness.

    If you don't currently own a rice cooker, you can grab one from Amazon Australia for $139.

    4. Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread.

    Tasty / BuzzFeed

    Monkey bread is an excellent thing to make as an entrée or as a snack for yourself and your self-isolation buddies (or just yourself). All you need are your basic pizza ingredients to make something a lot more fun and somehow even more delicious.

    If you don't currently own a bundt pan you can get one from the Tasty collection at Big W for $14.

    5. Skillet Breakfast Hash.

    Tasty / BuzzFeed

    If you want a delicious, easy, all-in-one breakfast, look no further than this cast iron skillet hash that you'll love so much you'll probably end up making and eating every day you're in isolation. It includes potatoes, eggs, bacon and cheese. Need I say more?

    If you don't currently own a cast iron skilled you can grab one from Amazon Australia for $29.99.

    6. Chocolate Fondue Banana Bread Boat.

    Tasty / BuzzFeed

    This is the ultimate self-isolation dessert to make and demolish with your buddies. Everyone loves banana bread and fondue, so why not combine the two and create this delicious treat? It's likely you won't be able to move when you're done eating it, but I see no issues with that.

    If you don't currently own a loaf pan you can get one from the Tasty collection at Big W for $12.

    7. And finally, One-Pot Fennel And Sausage Pasta.

    Tasty / BuzzFeed

    Washing dishes is arguably one of the worst parts of cooking, especially when you're a messy cook like I am. One way to get rid of some extra washing is to cook your entire meal in one pot. Like this delicious pasta recipe that's perfect for to eat curled up on your couch on a cold night.

    If you don't currently own a casserole dish that you can make this in, grab one from Amazon Australia for $89.99.

    You, after you've made and eaten all these delicious meals: