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Get Through Mercury Retrograde With This Tarot Quiz

I can feel the spirits calling me.

It's a dark, stormy night. After leaving work, you run for the bus but unfortunately you just miss it!

You look around and see a neon sigh that reads "psychic" nearby. Deciding you have some time to spare, you approach and walk inside.

Inside, the psychic asks you to sit down. They then hand you their tarot deck, asking you to shuffle and channel your energy into the cards

When you're done, the psychic takes the cards back and sets a few down on the table. They tell you to pick the ones that you're drawn to THE most.

The psychic politely shows you the door even though you're desperately trying to ask questions.

As you walk back into the rain, you think back to those cards, and your reading. There might be a few more days of Mercury Retrograde, but at least you feel a little more in control and therefore calmer than before.

You manage to get the next bus and after taking a seat in the back, you can't help but think of your reading. You try to find the shop as you drive past, but for some reason, you can't seem to find it.