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    Attention All Sweaty People — These Underarm Pads Will Change Your Life

    Pit stains, begone!

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    Picture this: you're power walking to an important meeting, or date. You're running late so you pick up your pace. You feel a little sweaty sheen coming on, but think nothing of it.

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    I know this situation all too well.

    As you get closer and closer to your destination, you realise that your pits feel a little damp.


    Oh no, here it comes...

    And you look down in terror to find that you've sweated onto your shirt and there's no way to hide it — other than keep your arms pinned to your sides like a tyrannosaurus rex.


    And even then it's still seeping out from the sides.

    Well listen here, sweaties. I've got some fantastic news for you. Sweat pads are a thing. And you can buy them online, right now.


    These self-adhesive pads absorb both sweat AND odour, so you'll be set for your entire day as soon as this guy is attached to your skin.


    They'll keep your underarms clean and dry throughout the day, no matter how humid it is outside.

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    And because they contain all natural ingredients, they're safe for use every single day.


    Praise be to the sweat gods.

    Just look at how happy this woman is, sticking the pad to her underarm.


    You won't find any pit stains on Linda's dress shirt, that's for sure.

    Years of embarrassment and beloved pieces of clothing being lost to pit stains? Over.

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    So what are you waiting for, my fellow sweaty friends?


    Buy a pack of 30 sweat pads from Amazon Australia for $24.90.

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