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    Attention All Foodies And Health Nuts: You Need To Try These Products Made With Queen Garnet Plums ASAP

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    You've probably seen delicious Queen Garnet plums hanging around your local supermarket for the first half of the year.

    Queen Garnet

    You know the ones — they're deep purple, super yummy and only really in stores from late January to early April. If you want your plum fix, normally you have to stock up, then bid the juicy morsels adieu by May.

    The reason this fruit is so beneficial is that it contains something called Anthocyanin — which is a type of antioxidant that's lauded by both scientists and naturopaths, for its multitude of health benefits.

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    The goodness of this fruit — as well as the variety of products that have been made with it — is actually backed by studies from the Queensland government, as well as a number of universities around Australia.

    Luckily, an Aussie startup has made the scientifically-backed benefits of these babies available to us all year round.

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    Queen Garnet has developed a bunch of different products to deliver the scientifically backed benefits of these plums to us, no matter what time of the year it is.

    Like this plum nectar, which you can use in your favourite summer cocktail, or just top it with sparkling water and enjoy it on a hot day.

    Queen Garnet

    This nectar is made from 100% Queen Garnet plums, which means it contains no added sugar, colours, flavours or concentrate. Each bottle contains approximately three plums which have been pureed with a majority of the fibre intact, so you'll be reaping all the benefits of the fresh fruit, year round.

    Buy 10 bottles from Queen Garnet for $45.

    This probiotic and prebiotic powder, which is perfect for sprinkling on top of your cereal or adding to smoothies for better gut health.

    Queen Garnet

    This powder contains 37% of freeze dried plum fibres and skins, as well as a variety of prebiotics. With five billion CFU probiotics per serve, you're sure to get your fix with just a little of this stuff every day.

    Buy it from Queen Garnet for $50.

    These powder sachets that are an excellent additive to smoothies, yoghurts and shakes if you're looking for a new way to introduce antioxidants to your life.

    Queen Garnet

    These powder sachets contain 100% freeze dried Queen Garnet plum powder, so you can choose how you'd like to consume the fruit's benefits. It also has a brilliant purple colour, so your smoothie bowls are sure to be Instagram worthy after using this stuff.

    Buy it from Queen Garnet for $40.

    Or these probiotic chewable tablets, for when you want an easy way to ensure your gut is in the best condition.

    Queen Garnet

    These chewables contain five billion gut loving bacteria, which means all it'll take is one to two of these guys each morning to kick-start your day and keep your insides happy and healthy.

    Buy it from Queen Garnet for $40.

    So what are you waiting for? Head over to Queen Garnet's website and discover the Aussie superfood for yourself.

    Plus, they're giving us 20% off any of their products — just enter code "LINKBY20" at the checkout!

    You, realising you'll never need to think about how to incorporate antioxidants in your diet again:

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