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    17 Ways To Pamper Yourself On A Budget

    Being broke doesn't excuse neglecting your skin.

    1. This super hydrating lip mask that you can apply to your lips before bed and wake up with the softest pucker you've ever had.

    2. This Aztec Secret Healing Clay that will draw out all of your skin's demons — and imperfections.

    3. This hair mask that will rehydrate dry hair to the point where frizz will no longer be an issue.

    4. This concentrated hand cream that will give you smooth, soft hands regardless of how cracked and dry they are.

    5. And this foot cream to repair your poor, cracked heels so that you don't have to live in tennis shoes in fear of embarrassment.

    6. This face shaver which is so much less painful than waxing or threading.

    7. This botanic oil that you can use to treat acne, stretch marks and scars.

    8. These silicone face mask brushes, so you don't waste half your precious goo applying the mask with your fingers.

    9. This 100% cold pressed hemp seed oil which you can use for just about anything.

    10. This cuticle oil, so that you never have to experience the pain of peeling skin by your nails again.

    11. This jade roller, which will cool your skin and decrease puffiness when used chilled.

    12. This brightening face scrub that is so good that bouncers will probably ask for your ID.

    13. This leave-in conditioner that will have your hair feeling silky smooth every time you use it.

    14. This makeup remover balm that will get rid of even the most stubborn waterproof makeup.

    15. These silicone face washers that will work magic with your cleanser but aren't a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

    16. This LUSH lip scrub that is super moisturising and will get rid of dead skin.

    17. And finally, this scalp shampoo brush that will detangle your hair but also massage your scalp which stimulates hair growth.

    You after discovering that you don't need a million dollars for great skin:

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