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    People Are Sharing Their Favourite Ways To Make Milo And I'm Salivating

    Would you guys try any of these?

    Earlier this month, Milo set the challenge for Aussies to show off their favourite ways to eat their malted barley goodness.


    Yep — malted barley. If you're not Australian and are unsure what that means or why the hell we'd eat it mixed with milk, then just think of it as crunchy, chocolate milk powder.

    It all started when this Aussie TikToker shamed Milo drinkers who have theirs with hot water.

    Seriously, whoever's making hot Milo with water needs to be stopped.

    So, Milo decided to hunt for the very best creations. We're not talking your regular "do you add Milo before or after milk?" debate, or even that pathetic 'healthy' sprinkle some of you toss over ice cream.


    No, no — these creations are next-level! Honestly, I wish technology was advanced enough for me to reach into the screen so I could grab these and shove 'em in my gob.

    Here are some of our favourite creations that you might want to try out at home:


    I'm ready to go and buy a tin of Milo right now to make some of these.

    This strawberry, cinnamon and chia seed smoothie, that's simply made better with a hefty sprinkle of Milo.


    This warm Milo chai latte, that you just know would go down a treat on a chilly day.


    This chia seed smoothie that's giving me the choc-orange energy I want in just about everything I consume.


    And even this big daddy on TikTok that I'm going to be dreaming about tonight, which was posted by an Aussie barista.

    But the clear winner was Sergei N, who figured out a way for us to enjoy our favourite bevvie in the only way that matters — the 'hunting for gold' Milo.


    This Milo hack has transported me back to my childhood tbh.

    First, he puts three heaped teaspoons of the good stuff in a mug and pats it down into a little mountain, so that there are no crumbly bits.


    You have to make sure the Milo is as packed down as you can get it for the full effect.

    Then, he pours milk over the back of a teaspoon — to avoid disturbing the majestic Milo mountain.


    And the final step? Mix and watch as delicious morsels of Milo-ey goodness float to the top for you to munch on.


    It really is like digging for gold and finding treasure.

    Thank you to Sergei for teaching us the very best way to enjoy our Milo to the fullest extent — with actually very minimal effort.


    An absolute genius, I tell you.

    Do you have a special way that you like to make your Milo? Let us know in the comments below and you might be featured in a BuzzFeed post or video.

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