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    Aussies And Mexicans Guessed Each Other's Phrases — And My Stomach Hurts From Laughter

    "Omg, not gonna lie, I love how this sounds."

    Hey! We're Fer, Moni and Hameda. Fer and Moni work in the BuzzFeed Mexico office and Hameda works in the BuzzFeed Australia office — so we thought it'd be fun to try and guess some common phrases from each other's countries.

    1. "Yeah, nah, that's heaps dog."

    2. "No skin off my nose."

    3. "As dry as a dead dingo’s donger."

    4. "Chuck a uey."

    5. "Going for a feed."

    6. "Don't be a dibber dobber."

    7. "What is this? Bush week?"

    8. "I'm flat out like a lizard drinking."

    9. "Keep your shirt on."

    10. And finally, "My calendar's chock-a-block this week."

    1. "A darle que es mole de olla." (Dig in, it's Mole in a pot [Mexican dish].)

    2. "Estar hasta las chanclas." (I'm down to my flip flops.)

    3. "Te chilla la ardilla." (Your squirrel is squeaking.)

    4. "Eres cuchillito de palo" (You are a little wood knife.)

    5. "No hay pedo." (There is no fart.)

    6. "¿Qué onda?" (What wave?)

    7. "Me está cargando el payaso." (The clown is carrying me.)

    8. "Aguanta vara." (Stand the stick.)

    9. "Bájale de huevos." (Turn your eggs down.)

    10. "No tengo feria." (I don't have fair.)

    11. And finally, "No manches." (Do not stain.)

    What was your favourite Mexican and Australian phrase? Let us know in the comments!