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    Updated on 16 Sep 2020. Posted on 16 Sep 2020

    A Pair Of These Cult Gym Pants Sell Every Four Minutes — Here's Why We're Obsessed

    Catch me working out in anything else (you won't).

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    Attention all athleisure lovers and fitness buffs — I'm here to answer all your gym tight prayers!


    Listen, I love working out as much as the next person, but finding gym tights that are comfortable and look good should be considered an Olympic sport. I mean, sure they'll look good the first time I post a pic on Instagram, but after the second wash, it's time to kiss the tights bye-bye.

    To say I was thrilled when I stumbled across LSKD — an incredible Aussie brand that has made it their mission to create the very best fitness wear, namely, their TIGHTS — would be an understatement.


    Trust me, when you try these babies on, you'll want to wear them everywhere and anywhere!

    They've created leggings that feature four-way stretch fabric, which means no matter how you bend and stretch during your workouts, you'll be covered and comfortable.

    @lskd / Via

    It's honestly no surprise that they sell a pair of these babies every four minutes.

    And not only are the they unbelievably comfy, but they'll also keep your underwear hidden, the way you intended.


    The superior fabric they're made from ensures your gym partner won't be able to guess the colour of your undies the next time you drop a squat.

    They're also available in a cropped version, which is a godsend considering we're headed into some hot summer weather.


    Will I be wearing these to work out? Yes. Will I also be wearing them as bike shorts under oversized tees during summer? Double yes.

    You can choose between the rep tights, which feature a bold LSKD logo along the calf, or the momentum tights, which feature a more minimalist logo depending on your aesthetic.


    Both feature core support and phone pockets — and both are available in the cropped version.

    In conclusion, If you were waiting for a sign to throw out your raggedy old leggings, this is it. Do yourself a favour and grab a new pair from LSKD.