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    People Are Obsessed With This Knitting App That Lets You Design Your Own Clothes

    You bring the yarn, they'll bring the patterns.

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    For too long knitting has been represented as a hobby meant for our sweet, little grandmas — and it's high time that changed.


    If you haven't tried your hand at it, I urge you to have a play — not only is it great for those of us who suffer from anxiety, but the satisfaction of creating something from scratch that you can wear?! There's nothing like it.

    And sure, the idea of trying to knit yourself a sweater may seem ambitious, but that's where Bellish comes in.


    It doesn't get any easier than this.

    It's a free app that's determined to make knitting more attainable and easier for everyone who wants to give it a go.


    That's right, you can grab it from the app store right now!

    Bellish allows you to design your very own patterns, so that you can make the clothes you want, rather than a random one you can pick up from the shops that was produced way back when.


    They have thousands of pattern possibilities, so you can ensure the thing you're working hard to create is exactly to your liking.

    And not only is knitting great for your soul and mental health, but making your own clothes also means you're not contributing to the production of fast fashion.


    So you'll be doing your bit to help the environment, and you'll end up with a super cool, unique item of clothing that you made yourself.

    The app also has knitting tricks and tutorials, so you'll feel like you have your very own instructor in the palm of your hand.


    There's honestly no reason not to try it.

    So, what are you waiting for? Grab your yarn, download the app and get knitting.


    You could even get your friends in on it and start a knitting challenge!

    Me to myself after discovering this app: