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    The Jonas Brothers Have Recreated A Scene From "Camp Rock" And I Can Now Die Happy

    "I'm SHANE GRAY for crying out loud!"

    It's been 12 long years since Camp Rock first graced our screens.

    The movie was iconic and included the best Disney duet ever performed.

    And since then, we've had tiny throwbacks to this era of our lives, like when Demi Lovato surprised her audience with Joe Jonas and performed "This Is Me" with him.

    Well, brace yourselves, because the Jonas Brothers have blessed us with a reenactment of one of the most iconic scenes from the movie.

    If you're not familiar with Camp Rock, this is how it plays out: The JoBros first appear and we discover that Joe is — rightfully — the star of the movie (sorry not sorry, Nick and Kevin stans).

    Here's Joe, giving us his best sultry Shane Gray look.

    Here's Nick Jonas, talking about how they used to LOVE Camp Rock.

    And here's Kevin, talking about how Camp Rock is where Connect 3 — the band's name in the movie — ~connected~.

    Jack McBrayer also appeared as the once faceless chauffeur, which is an excellent added bonus.

    And honestly, the entire thing has just left me wondering— how did this come about? Whose idea was it? Are we going to get more Camp Rock content?

    Anyway, you can relive your teenage dreams along with me and the JoBros with this masterpiece.

    And here's the OG video for comparison.

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