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    Male Hair Loss Could Soon Be A Thing Of The Past Thanks To This Innovative Aussie Company

    The before and after photos speak for themselves.

    Hair loss can be a pretty scary thing — especially when you consider your 'do an extension of your identity.

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    I mean, who doesn't love hair? It can make or break a ~lewk~ and as beautiful as bald can be, some of us prefer a thiccc mane.

    If you've been a little worried that you're thinning out — especially amidst the chaos going on around us at the moment — I've got news for you.


    Let's keep hair loss anxiety in the bin where it belongs, shall we?

    Gro is an Aussie company that's determined to stomp out your concerns, on absolutely any scale.


    Even I'm finding it hard to believe this is the same scalp.

    They have a range of hair loss solutions, including everyday products, specialised treatments and even hair transplants.

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    So no matter how drastic or dire your situation, you'll be sorted with a simple three-question survey.

    You can also shop their everyday products through their website, which includes shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and supplements.

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    They also have bundles depending on if you want more volume, or to simply rehydrate your hair. Their products are also free from petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates and sulphates — and they don't test on animals.

    These Aussie legends know how important it is to treat hair loss depending on your circumstances, rather than opting for a "one size fits all" option.


    Gro will decipher what treatment will work best for you depending on how you answer your survey questions, so you'll have peace of mind knowing you're on the right path.

    So if you're determined to take control of your hair and thicken it up, check out Gro and take the survey now.


    It's time to stop stressing about your mane and start feeling more confident. You've got this!

    You, ready to proudly whip your hair back and forth.

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