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    43 Game-Changing Products You Can Snag For Under $30

    The value for money here is OUTSTANDING.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This delicious take on lamingtons by Koko Black that will have you salivating basically immediately.

    2. This high efficiency face cleaner by Hylamide that's fantastic for anyone with dry-combo skin.

    3. These Face Halo makeup remover cloths that can clean your face with just water and little-to-no scrubbing.

    4. This vitamin C tonic by Aussie company Alkira that will give you the glow you've always wanted.

    5. These earrings that will turn your AirPods into your absolute favourite accessory, while making sure you don't lose them.

    6. These cleaning brushes that will help you get everything cleaner, faster.

    7. This no scrub gel stain remover that will destroy your mould and mildew problems β€” just don't use it on your ex, as tempted as you might be.

    8. These ridiculously cute pouches that you can use as a mini wallet or as a convenient place to store your sanitary products.

    9. This rechargeable sweater shaver, so you can get rid of the fuzz that randomly appears on your clothes.

    10. This makeup bag that's perfect for those of us (ahem β€” me) who have a hard time packing their makeup away after using it.

    11. This electronic blackhead remover that will clear out your pores better than any mask or acne wash.

    12. These kitchen shears for when breaking out a knife feels like too much effort.

    13. This 60-day high performance planner β€” because just like the water thing, nobody's going to remind you about the big presentation you have either.

    14. These period panties which will eliminate any need for tampons and pads β€” and good riddance, am I right?!

    15. This wearable nail polish holder, which will remove the need to squeeze the bottle between your thighs as you paint.

    16. This magic double-sided tape that doesn't leave any sticky residue on your walls or surfaces, but can be used to free up space in your kitchen or bathroom.

    17. This Aztec Secret Healing Clay that I encourage you to try if you have problematic skin.

    18. These high-waisted workout leggings, which will solve the problem of where to put your phone when hitting the pavement.

    19. These silicone heel protectors, which will soften shocks to your feet and prevent cracked heels.

    20. This kitchen drawer organiser, so you can keep your forks with your forks and your spoons with your spoons.

    21. This sleepy tea that is perfect to enjoy as you read a good book or get ready for bed.

    22. This knife sharpener that will ensure your tools are in tip-top shape.

    23. This nine-piece shopping bag set that's compact, so you can keep it with you and won't end up buying bags every time you go to the shops.

    24. This clean/dirty dishwasher magnet, to keep your housemates from mixing dirty and clean dishes.

    25. These Colourpop cream gel eyeliners to ensure your makeup matches your enthusiasm for the return of spring.

    26. This doggy water bottle that you can take with you on your next run.

    27. This magnetic phone holder for your car, so you don't have to worry about pesky phone cradles ever again.

    28. This Neogen Bio Peel that will yeet your dead skin cells to hell, so that you can show off the bright and beautiful skin underneath.

    29. This cleansing bar by Carbon Theory that will have your skin squeaky clean and ready to absorb all your various serums and moisturisers.

    30. This avocado tool that will make having avo on toast so much easier.

    31. This time-marked water bottle, because water breaks are just as important at home as they are in the office and nobody's around to yell at you to stay hydrated.

    32. This menstrual cup that will minimise waste as well as the ridiculous amount of money women are expected to pay for something they can't control.

    33. This pack of microfibre cloths because if there's ever a time to clean all your windows it's now.

    34. These eyeliner stamps, because whoever invented the winged-eye look was just setting us up for failure.

    35. This foot peel mask, which will make your calloused and dry feet as soft a baby's bum in a week.

    36. This microfibre hair wrap that will dry your hair without damaging it, while keeping it out of the way for all your post-shower activities.

    37. This Dark Angels sugar and charcoal scrub by Lush, which is the perfect product to use on oily skin.

    38. This pizza cutter that will make frozen pizzas so much easier to prepare β€” and faster preparation equals faster consumption.

    39. This face shaver, which is so much less painful than waxing or threading.

    40. This bag that promises to preserve the bunch of bananas you bought that you still haven't used for anything yet.

    41. These stretchy silicone lids that are leak proof, heat proof, highly durable and will fit on virtually anything.

    42. These vacuum bags will suck the air out of spare sheets, towels and pillows, so you can fit more in and avoid having overstuffed cupboards.

    43. And finally, this dog lead that means you can run alongside your pup when you're out exercising, while keeping your hands free.

    Me, when my friends question my addiction to online shopping:

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