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    PSA Vino Lovers! This App Will Deliver Personalised Wines Based On Your Tastebuds

    Read on to discover how to get $20 off a box of wine and a free corkscrew.

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    Now, be honest here, how many of you have actually bought a specific bottle of wine to go with the dinner you're making?

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    This is a bit of a self drag, by the way — I have no idea what variation of white wine goes great with cod.

    I mean, usually I'll just walk right into the bottle-o and pick up any decent looking bottle of wine that costs less than $20.

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    This generally results in me making a face after each sip and a mental note never to repurchase it.

    Well, I'm here to tell you that there is another way to ensure that your wine compliments your meal every damn time.

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    No, it doesn't involve having to deep dive on the internet for information — it's way easier than that.

    Let me introduce you to Good Pair Days, the wine app and club that'll send you a customised box of the good stuff, based on your own taste.

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    All it takes is a quick quiz and three former sommeliers — dedicated to making sure you enjoy every last drop — who will pick out some bottles that they know you'll love according to your answers.

    And listen, that's not all! They'll even include little cheat sheets and recipe cards, so that you can flex all the cooking skills you've developed in the past few months.

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    Get ready to impress all of your friends with your cooking and your wine picks.

    They even have a taste tester app to help you refine your palette if you really do want to learn more about wine.

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    Plus, they work super hard to make sure they're only bringing you the best stuff — some of it isn't even available at your local bottle shops.

    Their wines start at just $15 a bottle and with this link you'll get $20 off your first box and a free corkscrew.

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    So, what the heck are you still doing here? Go fill out their quiz and enjoy some fine wine for once in your life.

    You, excited to never have to step into a bottle shop again: