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    Midge Maisel Is Finally Coming Back To Our Screens, This Friday!

    The hat-spo is off the charts.

    If you haven't seen the first and second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, stop reading this and watch them now on Amazon Prime.

    Then once you've watched it, come back to this post and thank me later. Oh, and FYI – if you don't have an Amazon Prime account, you can grab one free for 30 days.

    For those of us that are up to date, we already know that The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is undoubtedly one of the greatest shows to hit our screens in AGES.

    Amazon Prime Video

    It's funny, relatable and the social commentary, though playful and subtle, is exceptional.

    Amazon Prime Video

    On a base level, it follows the story of Midge, who's constantly challenging the gender stereotypes imposed on her as a young, Jewish mother in the late '50s — who happens to have a talent for stand-up comedy.

    And I come bearing GREAT news, because the third season is finally dropping THIS FRIDAY!

    Amazon Prime Video

    Sorry everyone, I have a weekend-long date with my laptop and a big ol' brisket, because why not?

    For those who are obsessed with Joel, (first of all, why?) you'll be seeing a lot more of him as he works towards his dream of opening a club.

    Amazon Prime Video

    Real original, Joel — do you think you're the only person at 30 who wants to open their own bar?

    On the other hand, Susie is thinking about representing Sophie, so that she can make her dreams of "Susie Myerson and Associates" come true.

    Amazon Prime Video

    Although we all want to see Susie grow and succeed, I'm horrified at the thought of this. And so is Midge!

    While Midge's parents, Abe and Rose, will continue to amaze us with their exceptional character development.

    Amazon Prime Video

    I don't think I've wanted anything more than to be adopted by these two in my whole life.

    Lenny — who, let's face it, is the perfect man for Midge — is still attempting to practice free speech and will probably get arrested AGAIN at some point.

    Amazon Prime Video

    If Lenny Bruce isn't going to marry Midge, could he please marry me instead?

    And, of course, Midge is finally getting the recognition she deserves by opening for Shy Baldwin on tour.

    Amazon Prime Video

    A queen we love to see shine, every damn time.

    So go on, watch the trailer for Season 3 below and get ready to cry, laugh and yell at your screen with the rest of us.

    View this video on YouTube

    You'll mostly be yelling, "WHERE'S BENJAMIN?", but that's okay because I was too.

    Amazon Prime Video

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel returns to our screen on December 6th and will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. You don't even need to fork out money to watch it — get yourself a 30 day free trial just by signing up for an account.

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