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    Just 18 Things That Will Cure Your Boredom When You're Stuck At Home

    I've already completed the cut-my-own-bangs stage, so...

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    1. Turn your home into an oasis of colour with this light fixture by LIFX.

    @lunarsequence / Via, Amazon, @lunarsequence / Via

    Promising review: "LIFX lighting is the best purchase I've ever made – both for myself and as gifts for all my friends. Not only can you easily create really fun environments with lighting (party mode, relaxing mode, movie night mode), but it's also really good for things such as sleep hygiene.

    At 9 p.m. I turn on orange/red lighting and my body knows it's time to wind down and it's much easier to fall asleep. It's perfect if you need to switch your brain to work mode as well. There's a sleep timer, fun effects and a setting that makes the lighting react to the music you're playing! It's so easy to use and honestly it makes being at home so much more of a VIBE."

    Sohan Judge

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $249.

    2. Try your hand at making yoghurt — or less intimidating dishes — with an Instant Pot.


    You can use this instant pot as a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a pressure cooker, a steamer, a yoghurt maker and so much more.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $189.

    3. Waste the day away in the magical world that is Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

    Nintendo Australia

    These handheld consoles are a little smaller than the original Switch, which means if you drop them on your face after your sixth hour playing Zelda, it won't hurt nearly as much. They come in four gorgeous colours to suit your aesthetic and are compatible with all Nintendo Switch games. You can also play in tabletop mode and connect a Joy-Con controller if you want a variety of ways to play.

    Buy it from EB Games for $299.

    4. Read as many books as you possibly can on this glare-proof and waterproof Kindle.


    This Kindle is super light and you can read the screen in direct sunlight without an obnoxious glare getting in the way.

    It also connects to Wi-Fi and gives you instant access to over five million e-books, some of which are COMPLETELY FREE.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $199.

    5. Adopt some plants and finally live your best Earth mum life with these ~UV lights~.


    These lamps feature three timers, 10 dimming levels and three lighting modes. Plus, the three arms are completely adjustable, so all your plants can have a little loving. You can attach this lamp to your table where your plants live with the clip attachment and watch them thrive.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $48.65.

    6. Finally start up that YouTube account you've always dreamed of with this Phone Tripod that comes with a ring light.


    This tripod has flexible arms, so you can adjust the phone to any angle. It also includes a ring light, so that you look your best for your fans. Plus, the light can be changed from warm to cool and bright to dim, depending on the time of day or the type of lighting you want.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $41.99.

    7. Teach yourself gorgeous calligraphy that you can use to become TikTok famous with these dual brush pens.


    I can't be the only one who's watched those satisfying brush calligraphy videos and thought, "I could do that".

    Well, now is the time to put yourself to the test. This set includes 10 vibrant coloured brush pens and one watercolour pen that you can use for painting and calligraphy.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $34.40.

    8. Teach yourself how to read your destiny with this tarot deck by Mystic Mondays.


    Similar to the ouija board, before tarot was used as a divination tool, it was a card game for people to create their own fun narratives. But they soon realised that the tales the cards were telling were scarily accurate to what they had experienced. There's no time like the present to learn how to give yourself and others the gift of a little spiritual guidance. This deck has gorgeous illustrations and a guidebook to help you out.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $33.75.

    9. Bake up a storm of emoji-themed biscuits with this baking sheet and cookie cutter set by Tasty.


    These baking sheets are dishwasher safe and non-stick, so you can use them for all your baking needs. Make sausage rolls, scones, spinach puffs or whatever else tickles your fancy with ease. The emoji cookie cutters are perfect for gifting to family members. For instance, I will be gifting my sister poop emoji cookies for eating all my yoghurt.

    Buy it from Big W for $20.

    10. Teach yourself how to make delicious kombucha brewing kit — then you can stop paying a million dollars for a bottle every time you're at the shops.


    This kit comes with a glass brewing jar, organic kombucha culture, liquid kombucha starter tea, organic cane sugar, an organic tea blend, a reusable cotton tea bag, a temperature gauge, a cotton cover and rubber band, 15 pH strips a pipet straw and step by step instructions to get the booch flowing.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $59.99.

    11. Teach yourself how to use a drone, so that you can deliver homemade booch and cookies to your neighbours.


    This drone has a built-in 720P HD camera for recording. You can even plan the drone's route, as well as its take off and landing, which makes it perfect for beginners. The compact size of this device also means you can easily fly it indoors!

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $99.99.

    12. Focus on mindfulness and your mental health each morning with this six-minute diary.


    This journal encourages you to change your habits in order to achieve happiness, mindfulness and productive thinking. It's based on the mantra that just six minutes out of your day is enough time to assess where you're at and what you need to improve. It includes monthly check-in pages, habit trackers and weekly notes for your own thoughts and ideas, while giving you the information about positive psychology, self reflection and changing habits.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $39.90.

    13. Subscribe to this book subscription box, so you can explore new genres and styles of writing you've never thought to try before.


    This subscription box takes a book and pairs it with a self care product so you’re not only nourishing your mind, but you’re also pampering your soul. You can pick between general fiction, crime/thriller, romance, true crime, fantasy or biography/memoir. You can also choose to have the box delivered monthly or quarterly.

    Get started on Luxuread for $39.95 a box.

    14. Or if you’d prefer to listen to your literature, sign up to Audible and receive monthly credits to use towards whatever book you want.

    Audible / BuzzFeed

    There's a ridiculous amount of books you can listen to, including The Tattooist of Auschwitz, The Handmaids Tale, Big Little Lies and so much more.

    Sign up to Audible here!

    15. Explore the power of self-administered pleasure with this Womanizer Tease & Please — Limited Edition set, that comes with both a vibrator and a clitoral stimulator.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    This set comes with both a vibrator and a clitoral stimulator for ultimate pleasure, any way you like it. With these devices, you can truly take control of your sexual desires and recognise the right you have to give it to yourself.

    The Womanizer Premium is waterproof and has 12 different intensity levels for you to enjoy at your leisure. It simulates oral sex and will be incredibly hard to put down. Trust me, I have the exact same one at my bedside.

    The Sync by We-Vibe is designed to hit two points at once to give you a world-rocking orgasm. It comes with a remote, so you can use it completely hands-free, or give the remote to a partner for a little fun.

    Buy it from Womanizer for $299.87.

    16. Take advantage of the early sunsets in your backyard and host an open air theatre with your family using this mini projector.


    You can wirelessly connect to this projector with your phone to stream Amazon Prime Video, Stan, Netflix, Disney+ or even just photos from your cloud. It's also compatible with HDMI, USB, VGA and AV.

    Get it from Amazon Australia for $183

    17. Grow your own fresh coriander to throw into guacamole, curries and basically anything else you want to make delicious with this kit.


    This kit includes soil, seeds and the mason jar your delicious coriander will grow and flourish in, which is the perfect size for your kitchen counter.

    Buy it from Catch for $10.99.

    18. And finally, teach yourself yoga and pick up this cork mat to do it on.


    Since then, I've been doing 10 minute bedtime yoga each night and not only have I become more flexible, I've found that my back and hips are less sore and I sleep much easier, — which is amazing, considering my anxiety levels are currently through the roof.

    This yoga mat is made of natural cork, so it'll stay fresh and your hands and feet will grip it easily as you move. It also contains body alignment markings, which means it's perfect for beginners.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $69.99.

    You, living contently in self-isolation with all your new favourite hobbies.


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