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    18 Things You Can Use To Deep Clean Your Home In Time For The New Year

    Clean house = clean mind.

    1. This all-purpose cleaner that's eco-friendly and will get out the toughest of stains.

    2. This odour eliminating cleaner will leave your carpets and upholstery fresh and fabulous.

    3. And if you've got an issue with fur, this eco-friendly pet hair roller that doesn't need any sheets or refills, so you can use it again and again without having to break out the vacuum cleaner.

    4. This extendable duster that will help you get rid of dust and cobwebs hiding in a number of hard to reach places.

    5. This pack of silicone dishwashing sponges that will leave your dishes and pots sparkling like they've never sparkled before.

    6. This wood polish cream that will revitalise your indoor and outdoor wooden furniture.

    7. This mould and mildew gel stain remover that will give your bathroom some much needed TLC.

    8. These pumice cleaning stones that will not only get rid of those embarrassing rings in your toilet bowl that have been there forever, but will also get rid of hard water stains.

    9. These drain strips that will refresh your drains and keep them from getting stinky.

    10. This silicone cleaning mat that will leave your makeup brushes looking and feeling brand new.

    11. And use it with this makeup brush shampoo to get them even cleaner.

    12. Sort out your gross, rusty insulated bottle with these water bottle cleaning tablets.

    13. This pack of microfibre cloths which are excellent for streak-free cleaning.

    14. This handheld vacuum cleaner that you can use in the car or for small spills around the house.

    15. This magnetic window cleaning tool, so that if you live in an apartment or double story house, you don't have to risk your life trying to get clean windows.

    16. This microfibre cloth mop that eliminates any need for a bucket and makes mopping almost fun.

    17. These brush attachments you can hook onto any drill to get tough stains out of surfaces without actually scrubbing.

    18. And finally, these screen cleaner pads that will leave your screens spotless.

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