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    Aussies Are Roasting Bondi Beach And, Honestly, I'm Here For It

    "By global standards, Bondi is dog shit."

    For the longest time, I've deterred any travelling friends and family members from visiting Bondi Beach — mostly because it's always stupidly packed and all-round difficult to get to. I always wondered if I was the only one to think this way, until I stumbled upon this Reddit thread, where u/Party-Form1832 asked, "Am I the only one that finds Bondi Beach overrated?"

    Australians were quick to chime in, expressing their own disinterest in the famed beach.

    Here are some of the best responses.

    1. "It’s decent for a beach in the middle of a major global city. But it’s low tier for Australian beaches overall."


    2. "Since moving to Australia, my perception of what a good beach is has changed dramatically. I don’t want to park more than 50m from where I want to swim, I want room to play cricket (and if you are walking through that game or in the sea in a correct position, you had better be prepared to field) and I want to drive down the esplanade on the way home listening to 'Boys of Summer'. Honestly, going to a busy beach [like Bondi] is not my idea of fun."


    3. "By global standards, Bondi is dog shit. It’s such a boring night spot, and [there's] a big fat road between beach and social. I think Manly does it better."


    4. "It isn’t our best beach by a long shot. The reason it got so famous is a convenience thing — there used to be a tram from the city centre to Bondi, which made it readily accessible. The working class could easily get there on the weekend and by 1930, it was so popular that the Council instigated three hour timed parking."


    5. "I'm from Western Australia. I remember going there years ago in my early teens and finding it mostly underwhelming. It always looked way better on TV."


    6. "I made the mistake of taking my then-girlfriend to Bondi for a long weekend and staying at a backpackers lodge, because we were both broke in our early twenties. We ended up leaving a day early."


    7. "I always thought it was weird that tourists would go to Bondi when there’s, what, 10 better beaches within walking distance?"


    8. "I am more than happy that this shithole is where they all go. It’s the same with camping locations. Some things are best kept secret."


    9. "I am a die-hard Inner Westie and have lived in Bondi for two years now, it's been the best place I've ever lived. I used to love to loathe the Instagrammers, the acai bowl trout mouths and the cokehead 'roid ragers — but I realised that's just surface level. When you live here, it's pretty cool. I have awesome neighbours, great street parties etc. It's very much a community atmosphere."


    10. "It’s hardly edgy to say Bondi is overrated. If you ignore everything about its image and just look at the quality of the sand and the sea, it’s not bad at all."


    11. "If you're coming from London, it's okay...However, if you've been to WA, you're in for a massive disappointment when you see a Sydney beach."


    12. "Perth and Adelaide hands down smash all capital cities on the east coast when it comes to beaches."


    13. "Bondi’s not even the nicest beach in Sydney — just the most famous. I can’t speak for WA since I haven't been there, but to suggest Bondi is representative of NSW beaches is absurd."


    14. "Every beach in Newcastle is better than Bondi."


    15. "As a Queenslander, I would say Bondi Beach is tiny, stupidly crowded, impossible to park at and all the food is overpriced."


    16. "Bondi Beach is where the sewage goes into the ocean (it’s further out apparently, but it’s where the pipe is). Back in the '80s they used to call it ‘the toilet’ according to my father. No long-term resident of the greater Sydney area goes to Bondi or really any ‘city’ beach. They’re overcrowded with tourists and people from the Eastern suburbs."


    17. And finally, "I love Bondi. As a young person, I love how busy it is — and if I'm tired of it, I'll just go in the middle of the week. I love the culture around it, there's so much to do if you want food, drinks, a party or whatever. Plus, Bondi holds decently on a south swell, so there's that. There's also plenty of buses or free two hour parking, so it's not even that bad in my opinion. I just think it's popular to hate on Bondi."


    What are your thoughts? Is Bondi overrated, or is it just trendy to hop on the 'I hate Bondi' bandwagon? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Some Reddit responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.