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    23 Pictures Of Abandoned Places In Australia That'll Creep You TF Out

    You'll never catch me in any of these places.

    For some bizarre reason, I find seeing the emptied-out, neglected places that humans used to occupy incredibly unnerving.

    But with spooky season well and truly upon us, I thought there was no better time to indulge in a scary adventure into ~the unknown~ — which is why I was thrilled to discover Aussie TikToker @doratheurbanexplorer.

    Here are some of our favourite bits that she's captured on her adventures:

    1. First off, we have this paper mill, which is adorned with colourful works of graffiti art.

    2. This nursing home that looks fairly inconspicuous from the outside, but is chilling AF on the inside.

    3. This restaurant that you'll probably find ghouls dining in every night.

    4. This church, which was the setting of our explorer's very first paranormal experience — and let's be honest, none of us are surprised.

    5. This nursing home that looks straight out of an indie horror game I'd refuse to play at night.

    6. This farmhouse that gives me big post-apocalyptic energy.

    7. This country club, which has undoubtedly seen better days.

    8. This hospital, which practically screams "I'm haunted."

    9. This wedding reception venue that Emily from Corpse Bride would probably approve of.

    10. This factory that could easily be transformed into an industrial-style art gallery.

    11. This dormitory that has probably appeared in your nightmares once or twice.

    12. This block of homes that I still probably wouldn't be able to afford.

    13. This police station that you'll probably hear ghost sirens coming from in the dead of night.

    14. This resort, which — in a surprising turn of events — I'd actually very much like to explore.

    15. This house that comes with letters and other miscellaneous item, so that you can really put the pieces together.

    16. This primary school that includes some pretty horrifying wall art, using a pleasant red shade of paint.

    17. This hidden therapy centre that just radiates negative energy and gets a big "no thanks" from me.

    18. This disability centre that features some bright pink wall-art that is definitely going to visit me when I'm trying to go to bed tonight.

    19. This pub and motel that is the perfect setting for the next hit horror franchise.

    20. This supermarket that's probably what you'll see when we're about three months deep into a zombie apocalypse.

    21. This high school, which is full of school supplies that adolescent ghosties can use to their heart's content.

    22. And for the little ones, this primary school that's actually less scary than my early education experience with bullies.

    23. And finally, this nursing home, which could actually be the ideal place for a game of Halloween hide-and-seek.

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