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19 Moments That Fully Capture What Fasting For Ramadan Is Like

Going through all the 'motions.

If you weren't aware, Muslims all around the world are participating in Ramadan where we fast (and abstain from all vices like smoking and sex) from sunrise to sunset.

I'm lucky enough to live in Australia, where Ramadan is occurring during winter, meaning the days are shorter and the weather is forgiving.

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(S/O to those who have to battle heat AND can't break their fast till 8:30pm)

But that doesn't mean I'm immune to the many, many stages we go through on a day of fasting.


So here we go...

1. When the first alarm for Suhoor goes off.


It's only 4am? I basically have an hour left to eat, I can sleep for 10 more minutes.

2. And suddenly you've hit snooze five times without realising it.


What do you mean I only have 15 minutes??? I only closed my eyes for like 10 seconds?!

3. When you get up and eat and drink as much as you can while your dad sips tea and stares on judgmentally.

@TroyeSivan18 / Via

This wouldn't have happened if you had bothered to wake me, father!

4. When you're lying peacefully in your warm bed, proud of yourself for successfully stuffing your face, and then realise you forgot to brush your teeth.

E! Network / Via

You can brush your teeth while you're fasting, right? Right?!

5. And then you have to reluctantly drag yourself out of bed to brush your teeth.

CBS Theatrical Films

As long as I don't swallow water, it doesn't count. Don't @ me.

6. When you wake up from the best nap of your life and start your day feeling optimistic.

Columbia Pictures

This is going to be a great day, I can feel it.

7. When you pour yourself some cereal into a bowl for breakfast but then immediately remember that you're fasting.


I knew something didn't feel right.

8. When you're feeling fine at work until your body realises that it's not actually going to get its usual caffeine hit.


Ah, so that's why I was feeling so angry.

9. When you grab a midday drink from your work fridge...

TV Land

Something doesn't seem right.

10. ...and then sadly realise you have to put it back because you can't drink it.

The Lonely Island / Via

*Googles what time iftar is.*

11. When you're over the lunchtime slump and realise, "Hey...I've got this."

Fox / Via

Your productivity levels rise and you feel optimistic about the rest of your day.

12. When a colleague offers you a stick of gum and you almost take it, but then remember you're fasting.

Federation Franchise De Football / Via

AGAIN? REALLY? (On another note is Karen trying to tell me something?)

13. And then you subtly check if your breath stinks.


This is arguably one of the WORST things about fasting. Brush that tongue!

14. When you start scrolling through your timeline and lose yourself in a vortex of food videos.

Bravo / Via

I barely know how to boil an egg, but tonight I will be making jollof risotto with suya-spiced shrimp.

15. When home time hits and you can finally say goodbye to their colleagues and their incredible smelling coffee.

Comedy Central

You no longer have to tolerate being around all the delicious temptations!

16. And then you get home, and the minutes go by slower than ever before.

Just six more minutes...

17. When you finally bite into that sweet, sweet date and everything is right with the world.

Logo TV

And while being blinded by your hunger, you consume much more than necessary. Instant regret.

18. When you realise you've eaten enough to feed a small village and fall straight into a food coma.

Universal Pictures

Tomorrow I'll pace myself. I swear!

19. And when you begin to get ready for bed and remind yourself of what Ramadan is really about.

'Tis the season to be thankful, mindful and charitable. And tomorrow we get to do it all again!

Ramadan Kareem, friends!

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