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    Top Eight Reasons For Halloween 2 In IV

    After recent crackdowns on the day of Halloween, a new holiday is born in Isla Vista: Halloween 2.0. Let's see why Halloween 2 this weekend (Nov 6/7) could be better than any previous Halloween.

    8. Better Than Waiting Another Year

    If you missed out last weekend, why wait another whole year to celebrate?

    When Halloween lands on a weekday there are 2 major weekends (one before and one after) for Halloween fun, so why not have 2 big weekends this year!

    7. Cheap Costumes

    If you didn't already have a costume, you can get one for cheap.

    Or maybe just get some crazy accessories to add on to a different outfit.

    6. Because Snoop Ain't Halloween

    As cool as seeing Snoop perform is, it's not going to take the place of cruising the streets with your besties looking for that hot girl or guy in a "sexy pizza rat" costume.

    5. No Hordes of Cops

    After the "official" halloween ends, the cops pack up their shitty horses and head home, leaving the streets open again.

    4. No Festival Ordinance

    Bump that shit all night long and as loud as you want!

    3. New Tradition

    This could be the start of a new tradition, a floating Halloween holiday for future Gauchos to enjoy!

    2. If everything goes right, we could have something like this or better:

    The Bottom Line / Via

    Halloween in IV 2011

    1. Keep the Legend Alive

    Everyone knows Halloween here has achieved a mythical status, so why would we let that go to waste? Future Gauchos will thank you for keeping the party going!

    College needs to be a mix of fun and studying to keep spirits high.

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