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10 Little Ways To Show Your BFF They're Truly The Best

You call them your BFF for a reason. Now it's time to show them that you care. Little gestures can mean a lot — find out more with Hallmark Ideas.

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1. Give them 52 reasons:

An illustrated deck of cards turns into a considerate keepsake that she'll treasure forever.

2. Say it with cupcakes:

Clever Cupcakes / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 12803689@N02

When all else fails, a fresh batch of cupcakes will make anyone smile. Surprise them with their favorite cupcakes baked from scratch, and they'll appreciate the time and thought that went into it!

3. Make them a grown-up friendship bracelet:

Monica Hibbs / Via

Gold braided cord gives this luxe take on the childhood classic a more adult look. Find out how to make these yourself in this handy video.

6. Get their name tattooed on your person as a surprise:

It's a big commitment, but your BFF is probably worth it.

9. Cheer them up after a tough day with a sticky note takeover:

Make a Post-It trail, and you've got yourself a full-fledged treasure hunt, sure to brighten up her day.

10. Pamper them with a homemade beauty treatment:

MissMata / Via

You can customize this with your bud's favorite scents really easily (or buy one like this if you're too busy to make your own).

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