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10 Awesome Moments We Wish The Next Generation Could Experience

All good things must come to an end. Thankfully, we can tell our kids about all the fun times we had with our clunky technologies and simple pleasures. Find the joy in life every day with Hallmark.

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1. Giving that special someone a mix-tape to express your feelings.


Sharing a playlist is so less personal.

2. Rushing home to check the mail to see if your pen pal wrote you back.

3. Counting every minute until your pizza delivery arrives in case it comes in late and you don't have to pay for it.

4. Hearing the glorious announcement that you have mail after minutes of crackling and buzzing from your dial-up modem.

5. Chatting with all your friends on a party line.

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6. Imagining the worst nightmares after reading these spooktacularly illustrated stories.

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7. Finding the perfect movie to watch after a half hour of browsing the aisles.

8. Honing your blading skills to show off to friends.

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9. Getting a roll of film back from the photo place and taking the time to place the photos in a photo album.

10. Feeling cool sliminess of a new set of Gak.

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