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15 Signs You Are Borderline Obsessed With EDM

"Rage" and "rave" are the only two words in my vocabulary.

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1. It's never too early for EDM. For you, getting ready in the AM consists of coffee over the most popular electronic jams.


2. You have every relevant EDM DJ's age, date of birth, and other personal information committed to memory.

3. The only thing that keeps you going at the gym is your EDM playlist.

4. Unlike many people, you find bright, flashing lights and bizarre, extraterrestrial-looking costumes totally awesome.

5. Your self-created playlists on Spotify are titled “EDM,” “Newer EDM,” "Older EDM," “Pregame EDM,” or a variation thereof.

6. Your dream vacation spot is Belgium, simply because of Tomorrowland.

7. When other people refer to EDM as “screeching noises” or “annoyingly fast-paced vibrations," you just call it "music to my ears."

8. You have the Techno, House, Skrillex, and Chipmunk versions of every song ever on your iPod.

9. Contrary to scientific belief, 2012 did in fact mark the end of the world — or in other words: the end of Identity Festival.

10. BPM is the first and most frequently accessed preset radio station in your car.


11. By your standards, a song cannot and must not be changed before the beat drops.

12. Electric Zoo makes Labor Day Weekend your favorite weekend of the year.

13. You'd take a dark, smoky club over a sports bar or pub any day of the week.

14. When asked your favorite color you immediately and confidently respond, “neon" (duh).


15. EDM is the only drug you'll ever need. You feel it in your blood and bones in ways other people just can't and won't ever understand.


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