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22 Secrets People Caring For Loved Ones Will Never Tell You

Life as you know it completely changes.

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3. At first, being in charge of someone's wellbeing feels really scary.

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To start with, you'll all look at each other cluelessly. “What you do think?” “No, but what do YOU think?” “I don’t know!” Don't worry, though, this soon passes. And FYI, there's no substitute for being around someone 24 hours a day.

4. And you'll often feel like GPs and their receptionists are imbeciles.

“Why can’t I talk to the patient himself?” “For the 50th time, because he can’t speak! You ask me the same question every week! You know this, you have his notes!”


5. You'll soon learn that experience doesn't count for everything.

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You'll realise that doctors think they know everything because they have textbooks and training. But you'll know when something is wrong from a facial expression, a mood, or a certain sound.


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