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11 Things That Will Save You Money When Moving Home

Banking with the Halifax means we try to make everything extra easy, like we wish moving was.

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1. Sort out what you don't need early on.

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Removal companies will quote you based on what they see in front of them, and they're not usually ones to underestimate. Do this before you make contact with them, and your estimate should be lower.

2. If what you don't need is still useful, try to sell it online.


If you're ahead of the game, you'll have plenty of time to try sell off your unwanted wares before the big move gets close enough to start raising stress levels.

3. And if you can't sell it, just give it away.


Some things may be a bit too '70s to sell. So, for bigger unwanted items like furniture, consider freecycling or donating to charity (who may be willing to come and collect it from you). In the long run, it'll save you money on storage and hauling it from place to place.

4. If you need self storage, don't just pick the most convenient.

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Prices vary a little between companies, but even more so by geographical area. If you need to hire storage for a prolonged period, consider driving a few miles out of your way. It could save you a bundle.

6. Call in a few favours.


It's what friends are for, right? But think beyond the heavy lifting. Do you know any electricians, plumbers, or glazers that might be able to point you in the right direction with aspects of the move you aren't sure on?

7. Don't waste money on boxes!

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Boxes are everywhere! Ask at your supermarket, ask friends to search their attics, or ask your removal company to lend you some. Gumtree is a great place to check for free boxes too.

8. Take advantage of freecycling.


There's a whole community of people across the UK with things they don't need, but don't wish to throw away. If you don't wish to buy everything you need brand new right away – like kitchen equipment – it can be a great help.

9. And remember to compare quotes – on anything and everything.


Sounds obvious, yes. But putting the time in to find the best deal is always worth it. Don't be shy about pitching companies against each other.

10. Think ahead before speaking to utilities suppliers.


Research well before you move, and set them up for the day you move in. Otherwise you'll likely be defaulted to a high-price tariff until you do so.

11. Stick to buying only what you absolutely need.

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Moving house is an exciting time, so it's easy to get carried away buying lots of new things like appliances, electronics, and decoration. Resist the impulse to splurge, and focus on the move first.

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